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This is our brand-new blog! We’ll keep you updated about the development of our snappy scooter, as well as share everything that’s interesting in the world of design, technology and sustainable development.

To kick-off, here’s some info about how we started Narcine:

The idea of building an electric vehicle was born in 2015, when Ognyan did some conceptual renderings of this futuristic-looking trike called ‘’Tulip’’.

Tulip is more than a vehicle, it is a striving to change the idea of one's personal mobility. Look at it as your home. You don’t buy home - you buy a house, model it and arrange it according to your taste and needs, until gradually it becomes your home. Why not achieve this effect with a vehicle – sell only a very durable frame and drivetrain that the customer can upgrade? For example – fit tough suspension and tires for off-road lovers or extra seat and air-bags - for parents. This way the owner can reach a greater feeling of satisfaction and adopt the idea of a vehicle that is his own highly-customized creation rather than a simple commodity.

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